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Nutrition and movement are the cornerstones of overall physical and mental wellbeing, working together to keep us consistently functioning at our best.

Each person’s physiology is as unique as our personalities, and our lifestyles and goals vary just as much, which is why you need an approach that is as unique as you are. My aim is to empower you with the right knowledge and tools for your personal circumstances and goals so that you can make the most of every day.

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based approach to help you re-learn how to use your innate hunger, fullness and satisfaction cues to inform your food choices. Developed specifically with those who struggle with weight yo yo’ing and chronic dieters in mind, IE is based around a framework of ten principles designed to break the diet culture cycle enabling you to find peace with food and respect your body.

As we work through the principles together, you will re-learn how to tune into your body, trust the signals your body is sending you and make peace with food away from any restrictions, rules or meal trackers. With gentle nutrition guidance along the way you will learn what works best for your body, giving you the tools to manage your own health forever.

Exploring relationships with food and body image can be an emotional rollercoaster, so whilst the majority if the programme is focussed on nutrition, we do have an experienced psychotherapist on board to provide additional support if you feel it would be helpful.

“Intuitive Eating makes you the expert of your body, and it’s time to take the power back.”

Evelyn Tribole

Performance Nutrition

Having worked with athletes from first time competitors to Olympic medallists in a diverse range of sports including triathlon, cycling, cross country skiing and professional race driving, I have a wealth of experience in helping sportsmen and women reach their goals.

When it comes to translating the latest sports nutrition research into practise, it is no exaggeration to say that context is king: What works for one athlete may not work for your physiology, and techniques that provide a performance advantage in one sport are as likely to hinder in another. By understanding the biology and biochemistry that underpin the physiological changes and adaptations you need for increased fitness and performance, along with the influence of nutrition on those changes, I provide programmes that are tailored to your specific sport, training plan and goals. For individuals who have a coach and / or performance team in place, I work with your existing team to better understand your current training schedule, and ensure your nutrition fits seamlessly into that strategy. With a personalised nutrition plan you can be certain you are gaining every possible performance enhancing benefit from each training session, as well as maximising use of the recovery times in between.

Whether you’re looking for some guidance to help you hit a new personal best at the gym or a structured plan to prepare for a specific race / competitive season feel free to get in touch by emailing to see how I can help.

Although the nature of the training stimulus is important in determining how we respond to exercise training, the nutritional status of the muscle before, during and after exercise can be the dominant factor in enhancing or blunting training adaptations and competition performance”

Dr James Morton

Overall Wellbeing

Nutrition and movement are considered the cornerstones to overall physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re feeling in need of rejuvenation, gut health management, struggling to adapt to a new healthy lifestyle or perhaps a more plant based eating style, some guidance and advice from a fully qualified nutritionist may be all you need.

Prior to your first appointment you will be asked to complete a food diary, along with a detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire. The information provided allows me to prepare in advance in order to maximise the time available in the consultation. Each session usually lasts 1 hour, and can be held via Skype, or in person in Geneva, Lausanne, Gex or the surrounding areas.



Turn up the dial on self belief & confidence. It’s already inside of you.”

Chloe Brotheridge


Having worked for several years as a private chef, I became fascinated by the way different foods and nutrition could have such a profound impact on the families I was working for. So much so that I went back to university to study a Masters of Medical Science in Human Nutrition. Having graduated with a distinction I went on to publish two research papers, both of which explored how to adapt meals to provide better nutrition for vulnerable groups of people. From there I went on to work for a London based charity, where I was the lead author on another piece of original research exploring links between nutrition and viral load in HIV patients, which I was honoured to present at two international conferences. 

After several years in London fresh air and the mountains of France were calling, so leaving my charity work behind I left to pursue my other passions; performance nutrition, and optimising wellbeing through non-restrictive nutrition. Combining my background as a private chef, with my research experience and knowledge of nutrition has allowed me to translate the latest cutting edge research into tailored guidelines, which have helped all of my clients reach, and surpass, their own personal goals and enjoy a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. 


Camilla is a registered Psychotherapist with the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Following graduation from CIT in Cork, Ireland, with a degree in Integrative Psychotherapy, Camilla has trained extensively in attachment repair, trauma recovery and stress regulation as well as Health at Every Size principles. Her approach is founded on replacing self criticism and judgement with compassion and understanding. Informed by neuroscience, Camilla aims to shift you from a place of self harm to self care through reconnecting mind and body.


Camilla can provide support throughout your intuitive eating programme, or come on board if you would like extra support with a particular aspect of it.

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